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2015-2016 season

Fuoco E Cenere:

Thursday, November 10, 2016 at 8:00 PM

Fuoco E Cenere

Comber Hall, Church of the Little Flower (click here for map)
2711 Indian Mound Trail
Coral Gables, FL 33134

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Louis XIV fancied himself the New Apollo, god of light and the arts. All the king’s men, and foremost among them the great Lully, helped forge the legend of the Sun King. Versailles, palace of all pleasures, resonated night and day with the most sublime harmonies, the envy of all Europe.

Fuoco e Cenere have put together an attractive selection of vocal and instrumental music for all occasions, a clear reminder of the omnipresence of music in Versailles.

In 2015, France celebrated the 300th anniversary of the end of Louis XIV exceptional reign, a reign noted for its longevity and accomplishment. Installed upon a shaky throne after a long regency, Louis proclaims himself Apollo, god of Poetry and the Arts. By means of his celebrated strategies and his devotion to the Arts he made of France a major power, all the while transforming himself into the Sun King - le Roi Soleil.

Contributing to these celebrations, Fuoco E Cenere had the pleasure of providing the historical music for the international TV series Versailles, which follows the young monarch’s career. We have spent the last three years in the company of Louis XIV, in the sumptuous surroundings of his court, and above all following Louis through the incredibly difficult beginning of his reign…

But we have been oh so privileged to observe, as mice in the corner, the monarch’s incredibly vivid and cultivated imagination, and his incredible vision for a palace for the ages. The technical demands in building Versailles were enormous, every detail of both palace and gardens meticulously approved (or not!) by Louis.

Indeed the Palace became an architectural embodiment of the King himself. The Château de Versailles rapidly became known as a wonder of the modern world and a symbol of Louis’s exploits, and did quite a bit to assure a special position for France at the time, and to this very day.

While Louis’s love of music is the stuff of legends, we realized working on the series how omnipresent music was in Versailles. In one scene, we played as the court went about choosing fabrics and brocades for future finery, and for another playing dance music for a midnight fête alongside the vast Fountain of Neptune. Performing for the small screen these everyday happenings, as well as the more out of the ordinary occasions, gave us the desire to recreate a musical day in the life of Louis XIV. From morn till deepest nighttime, every gesture, every act in Versailles could boast its own harmonious accompaniment.

As is frequently the case with the grandest of monarchs, Louis XIV days were well documented, his days beginning and ending in public and musically. Mealtimes, fêtes, state visits, chapel were enlivened by the different formations that comprised the King’s music.

"Versailles" walks us through the eighteenth centuries’ most splendid palace and its magnificent gardens in the company of Louis XIV.

Music by Lully, Charpentier, Marais, Clérambault, Dornel, Couperin, Campra, Moreau, de la Barre...

With :

Julie Fioretti, soprano

Patricia Lavail, recorder

Damien Pouvreau, theorbo

Justin Taylor, harpsichord

Jay Bernfeld, viola da gamba and direction


Included in the price of admission is a pre-concert reception at 7 PM at Comber Hall. Tickets for the performance are $20.00 General Admission, $30.00 for Preferred seating. Students up to the age of 18 are admitted free of charge. College and graduate students pay $5.00. All students will need to show a current school ID at the door.

Or Call 305-669-1376 to purchase tickets on the phone

*Clips listed here are representative of the artists and composer, but may be different
from those being played in the Tropical Baroque Music Festival program
*Clips listed here are representative of the artists and composer, but may be different
from those being played in the Tropical Baroque Music Festival program


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